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Work, aka science bits

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to work in an libre software (not even open source) friendly environment, so most of the code I produce during business hours is not getting out in the wild. Over the years, I managed to release a few little tools anyway. Hopefully, this trend will not fade and more will follow.

  • JSMS: An in-browser Eulerian solver for the Mitchell-Schaeffer model of cardiac action potential. Useful to visualize the impact of its different parameters.
  • Pyezzi: an implementation of the Yezzi & Prince method for computing tissue thickness on medical images.
  • SPADE: a discretized, simplified version of marked point process for object detection developped during my internship at Morpheme.

Personal stuff

My active personal projects are on sourcehut:

  • slidge: Pythonic XMPP gateways. I've always enjoyed having all my chats in a single app. To this end, I have used pidgin for years, but XMPP makes it possible to handle this server-side, making your multiprotocol chat experience sync'ed across different clients and devices, including your phone. XMPP is great!
  • own-comments: Self-hosted, minimalist commenting system. It's used in my blog.
  • jellyfix: A python library to interact with a Jellyfin instance.

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