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The list of my scientific publications are on a dedicated page on this site.

Current and past activities

2021-: Engineer, researcher


2017-2020: PhD in image and signal processing


Supervised by Maxime Sermesant (Epione research group, Inria), it focuses on image based personalization of cardiac electrophysiological models, with an emphasis on ischemic ventricular tachycardia ablation. During this PhD, I designed a deep learning based medical image segmentation method and combined cardiac data from both imaging and electrophysiological studies. The thesis manuscript is available on this website.

2015-2017: Master in Computational Biology

Université Côte d´Azur

During these years, I discovered (and enjoyed) image processing, mainly during an internship in the Morpheme research group.


Université Côte d´Azur

In spite of the four validated years in medical studies previously completed, I had to start back in the 3rd year at University in order to be accepted in the master I was aiming at.

2006-2013: Professional Poker Player

Numerous online poker rooms

An unorthodox occupation that allowed me to pay my bills and even save money. Self-taught, I studied the mathematical and strategic aspects of the poker game with the help of online ressources.

2002-2006: Medical Studies (uncompleted)

Faculté de Médecine de Nice

Although I thoroughly enjoyed studying the fundamentals of human biology and some maths/physics, I progressively lost interest in medical school as basic science gave way to clinical practice.